Working With You

When viewing the course outlines please remember that these are generic and can be delivered as ‘off the shelf' in their current form, or they can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the delegates involved and to fulfil the broader business requirements.

We aim to work with you and your organisational requirements in a personal and original way. Your specific requirements can be discussed at senior to junior level to ensure the training and develop initiative achieves exactly what you want it to. This requires a high degree of flexibility on our part and we will work with you to determine:

  • Course content
  • Delegate or team issues to solve/overcome
  • Using Belbin to improve teamwork
  • Delivery style
  • Focus on key learning points
  • Specific company strategies, paperwork
  • Development of relevant case studies, quizzes, role plays, learning games
  • Duration of training required - full day, half day, or modular
  • Timing of training - ranging from 7am to 9pm, Saturdays included.
  • Training follow up
  • Training evaluation methods

Please contact Jackie Bullivant directly for further information or ask her any question you may have regarding any topic on this website.