time management training in Kent

Time Management Training

Course Aims

This one-day time management training programme (delivered in Kent and across the UK) aims to equip delegates with key skills which are essential in today's challenging working environment. To remain in control of your workload, time, and the demands from others is never easy and requires effort and skill.

Delegates will carry out a systematic review of the use of their time, as well as providing them with some practical tools, tips and techniques to improve their own self-management.

The course is highly interactive, providing delegates with opportunities to explore the preferred solutions to real workplace issues. It aims to re-focus and increase personal effectiveness for individuals working in teams.

Course Outline

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • The Decision Dilemma
    • barriers to personal effectiveness
    • analysis of current behaviour
  • Planning and Prioritising
    • tools to control and organise workload
    • managing information and communications
  • Effective Delegation
    • the consequences of poor delegation
    • five steps to success
  • Managing Interruptions
    • silent and noisy interrupters
    • proactive verses reactive approach
  • Desk Management
    • getting organised
    • tools to keep control
  • Action Plan


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If you are interested in our time management training course in Kent or anywhere in the UK - we deliver our courses nationwide - please get in touch for further information. You can call us on 01795 485663 or get in touch via our contact page.