mentoring trainingMentoring Skills Training

Course Aims

Mentoring others is powerful, motivational and greatly valued in many organisations. Having a mentor can help individual to develop as they learn from the experience of others as the relationship between mentor and mentee is non-threatening, open and positive. This half-day course provides key skills, practical tools and models for successful mentoring within an organisational context. Delegates will identify the characteristics of successful mentors, their behaviours and the common pitfalls and mistakes. The will also learn how to create a successful mentoring programme.

Course Content

  • Mentoring: the purpose and benefits
  • Key qualities, behaviours and skills of the successful mentor
  • Honey & Mumford learning styles
  • Developing trust and mutual respect
  • Essential communication techniques: objective language, effective questions, active listening, reflecting techniques and using empathy, calming over-reactions
  • Mentor models and planning techniques
  • Mentor strategies: goals, values, involvement, responsibility, accountability, boundaries and confidentiality
  • Action plans

Who Should Attend And Why?

Members of staff that have a good level of experience in their role and are open to having a trainee. Becoming a mentor is a rewarding experience as you play a key role in the development of others within your organisation.

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