Our managing stress training course in KentManaging Stress

Course Aims

We all have a responsibility to manage personal stress and deal with stressful situations at work.

This one day course will enable delegates to accurately define stress, identify signs and symptoms of stress, and understand its' affects. Participants will then examine various strategies to reduce personal stress levels.

Course Outline

  • Personal objective setting
  • Defining stress: good and bad
  • Short and long term effects of stress
  • The impact of stress in the workplace
  • Warning signs and symptoms of stress
  • The body's response to stress: behavioural, physical, mental and emotional
  • Phases of stress management
  • The effects of stress on your home life
  • Health check: relaxation, leisure, physical fitness, and healthy eating
  • Goal setting and personal action plans

When running this training course for groups of delegates who work within the same organisation, then we ensure that personal matters are correctly managed and confidentiality maintained.