Leadership Climate Indicator 

What is leadership climate?

Leadership climate refers to the emotional tone set or climate created by leaders within the work environment. Research shows that positive workplace climates lead to higher performance, engagement and well-being. Measuring leadership climate helps organisations understand the impact of “how does it feel to work for you?”

Our approach to leadership climate

Emotionally intelligent leaders create more productive environments with healthy, engaged and motivated staff.  The leadership climate indicator can include organisational diagnostic surveys and 360 degree feedback questionnaires, to enable leaders to instantly see how their current behaviour is perceived and the impact this has on those following them.

Why measure leadership climate?

Each leader and organisation is unique and will therefore create their own leadership climate. By measuring the leadership climate in your organisation, you obtain a snapshot of the tone being set by your leaders.

The Leadership Climate Indicator (LCI) helps you benchmark and compare the climate being set within teams or functions. The LCI provides rich strategic insights that enable you to target and track development interventions. Improving the leadership climate in your organisation will directly impact staff and customer satisfaction and improve your bottom line.