Effective Communication Skills

Ineffective communication in the workplace is often at the heart of many issues within teams, between managers and team members, and individual performance.

Commonly, we can be oblivious to the way our verbal and non-verbal communication affects others around us. Yet, we can all learn to become more self-aware and improve our communication skills as well as change the way we react to others in order have a more successful outcome.

This half day course aims to bring a depth of insight into a person’s own thinking process and behaviour patterns, which will enable them to make conscious changes through new learning and skill application.

This course will provide delegates with core skills for effective verbal and non-verbal communication. Delegates will feel more confident and in control of daily conversations and difficult situations or relationships as a result of this training.

  • The process of communication
    • Sender / receiver relationship
    • 3 core conditions of good communication
    • The power of words, tone of voice and body language
  • Behaviour Types
    • Aggressive, Assertive, Passive, Passive aggressive
    • Behaviour recognition
    • Developing assertive behaviours
  • Verbal and Non-verbal communication
    • The words and phrases we use: positive, negative, neutral
    • Tone of voice
    • Understanding and using body language
  • Active Listening
    • Barriers to listening
    • Listen, interpret and understand
    • Skills practice
  • Effective Questioning
    • Types of questions
    • Questions game
    • Skills practice
  • Action Plans

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