Conflict management training courseDealing With Conflict And Difficult People

Course Objectives

This one day programme of conflict management training will provide delegates with an in-depth understanding of human behaviours associated with difficult people and situations of conflict at work.

By using assertive behaviour and conflict management models, delegates will be able to explore ways in which they can successfully manage these situations and people. They will be encouraged to challenge their own personal thinking processes and negative beliefs in order to be more effective in these skills.

This one day course will be highly interactive and will include case studies, group activities and skills practice.

Course Outline

  • Defining Behaviours and Situations
    • Difficult behaviour
    • Conflict situations
    • 3 Behaviour Types
  • The Phases of an Incident
    • Past experiences
    • Triggers which provoke incidents
    • Behaviour to avoid
  • Assertiveness: the source
    • Understanding Beliefs and Thinking Patterns
    • Breaking the fight or flight spiral
    • Developing assertive responses: visual, vocal and verbal
  • Strategies for dealing with conflict
    • Conflict handling modes
    • DVD/Video scenarios with review of learning points
    • Using the ALERT model
  • Action Plans

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