The aim

Our aim is always to work in partnership with you to help you achieve your business objectives. Organisations may seek support and practical help to improve their communication processes, management and operational systems.

Organisations engage consultancy services for a variety of reasons. Your concerns may be around ‘quality' issues in terms of people or management of people or processes. You may wish to assess current customer service levels and work to improve them, or identify staff training needs and develop a training strategy complete with evaluation.

We will always seek to fully understand your business and its culture, dealing in practical, no-nonsense terms and working with people at all levels of the organisation to achieve the desired result.

Consultancy service achievements:

  • Teamwork issues resolved
  • Better working relationships between individuals at both management and junior levelsTraining design, planning, delivery and evaluation
  • Bespoke Development Centres
  • The transfer of skills back to the workplace following a training event
  • Difficult staff member issues resolved
  • Re-design, delivery and evaluation of internal product training procedures
  • Assessment and improvement of internal communication processes and management systems
  • Review and improvements to operational systems and procedures
  • Mystery shopper/guest initiatives
  • For more information about the consultancy services offered, or to talk through your requirements, then please contact Jackie Bullivant.