Communication Skills Training

Effective communication lies at the heart of all good relationships.  Whether at work, socialising with friends or living in a family group, we all benefit from being able to communicate well.  Ineffective communication leads to relationship breakdowns in all of these areas.  These breakdowns can be mild or very serious and difficult to recover from.

Whoever we are and at whatever level we have reached in our life status, respecting others is key. When mutual respect is in place then barriers are removed and people feel able to express themselves openly without fear of rejection, blame or criticism.  This is a core condition of good communication, together with demonstrating empathy for others and ensuring the message you are sending is congruent i.e. your body language, tone of voice and words all match.  On that last point, it can be confusing to say ‘yes’ to something but inside you really want to say ‘no’!  The truth can be seen in your body language or tone of voice as these display clues to the truth you are feeling.

Communication is actually extremely complex.  We have our personalities, our emotional intelligence, and our natural tendencies towards being passive, passive aggressive or aggressive to have to deal with. 

In addition to this our past plays a very large part in how we communicate with others.  Dr Eric Berne a psychiatrist, the founder of transactional analysis, and author of ‘The Games People Play’, explains human behaviour. His PAC model: Parent, Adult, Child helps us to understand our mind states as an adult.  For more information see

 When we understand more about ourselves in light of the above, we can work to develop more effective communication.  We can develop:

  • Assertiveness
  • Confidence and self esteem 
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Verbal language skills
  • Body language or non-verbal messages
  • Active listening
  • Effective questioning

The benefits are numerous from a better understanding of self and others, improved relationships, to greater success in all areas of life.