Coaching & Mentoring Skills

Course Aims

Coaching and mentoring are terms often used as synonyms as they are closely related but, strictly speaking, they have different concepts. Both are extremely powerful as they are used to bring positive change to an individual’s behaviour, performance and career.

This half day course will identify how, why and when coaching and mentoring can be practiced within the organisation, as well as aid the development of the core skills required for success.

Delegates will explore the GROW model which is a practical coaching tool as well as coaching and mentoring strategies and planning techniques.

The course will be highly participative with practical exercises, group discussion and action planning to accelerate learning.

Course Content

  • Definitions and purposes of coaching and mentoring within the organisation
  • Identifying opportunities to coach and mentor
  • Key qualities, behaviours and skills required
  • Establishing coach/coachee and mentor/mentee relationships:
    • planning, goal setting, probation period, boundaries and ending the relationship
  • Essential communication skills:
    • active listening, questioning techniques, reflecting and summarising, using and interpreting body language, empathising, and challenging limiting beliefs
  • Using the GROW model
  • Action plans

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