building resilienceBuilding Resilience in the Workplace

Course Aims

Psychological Presenteeism is a major impairment to performance, both organisationally and personally, and is a massive avoidable cost to businesses and services” according to Derek Mowbray of Management Advisory Service. We face many sources of pressure in life and especially in the workplace. Everyday worries can become a habit. This three hour training session aims to provide participants with an understanding of the causes and human responses to pressure. Tips, techniques and strategies will be included to help to promote more positive responses to pressure and build workplace resilience in the short and longer term.

Course Outline

  • Defining stress and the potential sources
  • The response cycle
  • Learn to recognise the signs of stress
  • The power of perception
  • Tips, techniques and strategies for managing stress
  • Building personal resilience
  • Personal action plan