assertiveness skillsAssertiveness Skills

Course Aims

The absence of this core communication skill lies at the heart of many workplace issues. Whether between individuals, within and across teams, or between different levels of staff. It can lead to unresolved conflict, withdrawal or worse.

The good news is that we are all able to learn to be assertive and to improve out communications and become more confident in the workplace.

This one-day programme aims to bring a depth of insight into a person's own thinking process and behaviour patterns, which will enable them to make conscious changes through new learning and skill application.

The aim in all communication should not be to win, but to seek the best outcome for both parties. This course will provide delegates with the key skills to plan and structure their communications to best effect for each of their own specific workplace situations.

Delegates should feel more confident and in control when dealing with work relationships, difficult people and situations as a result of this training.

Course Outline

  • Welcome and Introductions
    • Personal Experiences and Course Objectives
  • Behaviour Recognition
    • Passive, Aggressive and Assertive Behaviours
    • Passive/Aggressive Behaviour
  • Assertiveness Assessment
    • Style Analysis
    • The personal benefits of assertive behaviour
  • Beliefs, Rights and Responsibilities
    • Thoughts affect behaviour
    • The rights we give ourselves and others
    • Belief Changers
  • Developing Assertive Behaviour
    • Active Listening and Questioning
    • Assertive Verbal and Non-Verbal Behaviour
    • Managing Passive and Aggressive Behaviour
  • Human reactions
    • Empathetic Assertion
    • Skills practise
  • Action Plans

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