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Managing teams training courseManaging Teams

Course Aims

The vast majority of the working population are required to work within a team of one description or another.

When asked, many people can recite the values of teamwork and describe the personal and organisational benefits. Why then, do team leaders and managers face challenges in areas of communication, problem solving, motivation, to name but a few? How can we recognise the early symptoms of team issues and take measures to resolve these?

This one day course aims to equip delegates with the essential skills required to create and maintain successful teams.

The course is interspersed with team games and activities which will stimulate thinking processes, develop skills, consolidate knowledge and maximise learning.

Course Outline

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Team Structures
  • Characteristics of Successful Teams
  • How Teams Develop
  • Role Identification and Clarity
  • Communication and Openness
  • Conflict or Confrontation?
  • Support and Trust
  • Team Meeting Skills
  • Coping With Change
  • Developing Team Objectives and Creating Vision
  • Action Plans

If you have specific team issues, then contact Jackie and we can ensure that the course will help to bring solutions and positive action points.