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Welcome to Platform 4 Training's website.

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As a Kent based training provider, we offer a wide range of training courses and programmes.

If you are looking for a half day ‘off the shelf’ course to find a training solution, you can select your training topic from the tried and tested, successful course outlines within this website.

Kent Based Business Training Provider

Welcome to Platform 4 Training's website. We are a Kent based provider of bespoke training programmes, train the trainer courses and many more services to all private and public sectors. We hope that you enjoy browsing and that you find the solutions that you are looking for.

Our full range of training courses are offered across the UK. Our courses include management skills training, the management development programme, supervisory skills training, time management training, appraisal training, team building skills training, conflict management training, stress management training, building resilience training and communication skills training.

We are passionate about improved performance and behaviour change following training. We have a variety of bespoke training services to offer you or perhaps you would prefer one-to-one coaching or a train the trainer course. If you are looking to help build your team, motivate staff or develop yourself or others, then you can view the generic outlines and ask us to design a bespoke training service for you or your staff.

Do you want to improve Customer Service?  Are staff under pressure and let it show to customers? We can deliver a half day or full day training course which can include face to face, telephone and written communication.

Are you concerned that money is wasted and time not spent effectively? Then a half or full day of Time Management training will address this and provide tips and techniques for planning and prioritising, managing interruptions, and controlling information and communication.

How successful are your Appraisals?  Do people dread having to do the appraisal meetings? A half or a full day of training will equip supervisors, team leaders and managers with the essential skills of making the most of the appraisal process and position it within the context of ongoing performance management and staff development.

You may want to raise awareness of how to recognise and manage signs of stress. The half day course for Building Resilience in the Workplace will achieve this and help delegates to take steps towards short, medium and long term goals for building resilience at work.

You may searching for a wider programme involving several days of training which can be run over an agreed timeframe.  We can work with you to tailor the course content and create a programme to specifically meet your organisation’s learning objectives. We design and deliver training interventions to give you the right training solution.

Do you have a group of managers who would benefit from learning how to get the most from staff? Achieving the task and team objectives are much easier when team members are willing and motivated to work effectively.

We have a Management Development Programme which is Endorsed and certificated by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM). As an 8 day programme, it can be held over a period of 12 months or less, if preferred.

The programme consists of topics such as: Assertive communication, Leadership Styles, Coaching and Delegation, Managing Conflict, Influencing and Persuading, Personal Effectiveness and Performance Management.

Do you have a dysfunctional team? As a Belbin Associate, we can use Belbin Team Profiling to enable each team member to understand more about their own behaviours and those of their team members. This non-threatening, equally balanced, methodology is proven to bring greater respect and improved working relationships between team members.

Following the Belbin Reports, you may wish to run team training events or specific skill days to bring the team closer together over an agreed timeframe. We can discuss these options with you.

Whatever training intervention is right for you and your organisation, we are always able to evaluate not only the delegate response following the training, but much more importantly the learning.

Learning evaluation is often considered one of the less common practices within organisations. This may be due to time pressures, additional costs associated with it, but more often than not, it can be down to a lack of commitment. If you are interested in reading more about this subject, you can view my research project ..... (James, I have a doc which I will send separately – if this can be added to the site it may add value?)

When taking steps to evaluate learning, we can support you to achieve this and demonstrate your return of investment (ROI). This creates and increases the appetite for future training and, thereby, ensures ongoing investment in people as value and benefit are recognised.

In terms of costs, there are none for an initial two meetings and we always aim to keep tailoring costs to a minimum. Please contact us for a guideline of training fees.

We are passionate about training and facilitating learning. To see people learn and develop is always the aim, even with the most challenging of delegates!

Please contact Jackie... for your free meeting to discuss your training needs.


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